Kansas City Top Producer Andrea Hoeft Returns to ReeceNichols

We are proud to announce the return of Andrea Hoeft to the ReeceNichols family as the Plaza Team Director for The Cami Jones Collaborative at our Country Club Plaza Office. 

Hoeft has 12 years of experience in the Kansas City market and was most recently a top producer on the number three team in KC with a competing brokerage. She brings extensive knowledge of the metro area, excellent customer service, negotiating skills, and experience mentoring new agents.

“I am passionate about my career as a Real Estate Professional and consider it a privilege to help my clients through the process of buying and selling their homes,” Hoeft said. “I am excited to continue helping families as well as tap into my teaching background and real estate industry knowledge to grow agents and our team.”

Hoeft will take on a mentorship role while working closely with agents in her new position at our Country Club Plaza Office.

41 Agents and Teams Ranked America’s Best

Congratulations to all the ReeceNichols agents and teams named the top real estate professionals in Missouri and Kansas by the RealTrends America’s Best list!

RealTrends publishes the yearly list to honor the top agents and teams from across the country, featuring the cream of the crop in every state. It is a prestigious honor to make the list, and we couldn’t be more proud of everybody below! 

Missouri Small Teams by Sides

  • #21 Richey Real Estate Group – 152
  • #26 The Small Real Estate Team – 143
  • #44 George Medina Team – 119
  • #47 Alison Rank Team – 116
  • #62 The Kody Sold My Home Team – 100
  • #76 Wehner Real Estate Group – 90.3
  • #77 Wolfe-Sweeney & Courtney – 90
  • #84 Hutcheson Team – 88

Missouri Small Teams by Volume

  • #18 Wolfe-Sweeney & Courtney – $51,798,217
  • #19 The Small Real Estate Team – $51,440,513
  • #20 George Medina Team – $51,066,090
  • #29 Richey Real Estate Group – $44,640,705
  • #33 The Madden Myers Team – $40,560,237
  • #41 Alison Rank Team – $35,913, 565

Missouri Medium Teams by Sides

  • #10 West Cobb Alliance – 211.7
  • #36 Groves Johnston Team – 117.0
  • #42 Roger Deines Group – 104
  • #47 Lisa Ruben Team – 92

Missouri Medium Teams by Volume

  • #19 Lisa Ruben Team – $47,421,048
  • #32 West Cobb Alliance – $37,091,366
  • #35 Groves Johnston Team – $34,702,251
  • #40 Roger Deines Group – $33,302,756

Missouri Large Teams by Sides

  • #6 The Revoir Team – 350
  • #14 The Gresham Group – 205

Missouri Large Teams by Volume

  • #8 The Revoir Team – $77,588,375.00
  • #17 The Gresham Group – $58,592,268.00

Missouri Mega Teams by Sides

  • #1 The Rob Ellerman Team – 1,737
  • #10 Foster Marketing Group – 153.5

Missouri Mega Teams by Volume

  • #1 The Rob Ellerman Team – $675,268,987
  • #10 Foster Marketing Group – $48,632,935

Missouri Individuals by Sides

  • #12 Tania Shvets – 99
  • #42 David Slawson – 71.50
  • #49 Lance Phillips – 68.50
  • #71 Jim Strong – 61
  • #103 Michelle Cook – 56

Missouri Individuals by Volume

  • #19 Tania Shvets – $25,744,201
  • #21 Jim Strong – $24,104,050
  • #31 Barbara Beaumont – $21,726,700

Kansas Small Teams by Sides

  • #5 Selling KC -135
  • #7 The Stephens Group – 126
  • #19 Anderson Dreiling Group – 101.9
  • #25 The Van Noy Group – 94

Kansas Small Teams by Volume

  • #5 Selling KC – $49,308,012
  • #7 Red Door Group – $44,308,844
  • #8 Anderson Dreiling Group – $43,324,146
  • #13 Tamra Trickey Team – $37,820,587
  • #20 The Van Noy Group – $33,385,040

Kansas Medium Teams by Sides

  • #14 Kathryn Thomas Team – 134.0
  • #19 The Susan Fate Real Estate Group – 111.5
  • #26 Mac Homes – 91.0

Kansas Medium Teams by Volume

  • #5 Kathryn Thomas Team – $58,284,332.00
  • #13 The Ellen Murphy Team – $44,394,134.00

Kansas Large Teams by Sides

  • #3 The Carnahan Group (RN South Central KS) – 273.0
  • #9 Cami Jones Collaborative – 138.0

Kansas Large Teams by Volume

  • #4 The Carnahan Group (RN South Central KS) – $105,546,722.63
  • #5 Cami Jones Collaborative – $94,328,035.00

Kansas Mega Teams by Sides

  • #1 The Koehler Bortnick Team – 905.5

Kansas Mega Teams by Volume

  • #1 The Koehler Bortnick Team – $447,231,000.00

Kansas Individuals by Sides

  • #20 Peter Colpitts – 99.00
  • #46 Lisa Bunnell – 62.00
  • #73 Rob Matthews – 51.00

Kansas Individuals by Volume

  • #3 Peter Colpitts – $40,776,084.00
  • #11 Linda Martin – $27,203,375.00
  • #20 Lisa Bunnell – $23,225,288.00

The Koehler Bortnick Team Named 46th Mega Team in the Nation

Congratulations to The Koehler Bortnick Team for being named the 46th best Mega team in the entire country in transaction sides and the 48th best Mega team in sales volume in RealTrend’s and Wall Street Journal’s “The Thousand” list!

Only the top .065% of the 1.6 million agents across the country make this exclusive list featured in the Wall Street Journal and America’s Best Real Estate Professionals, putting The Koehler Bortnick Team among the elite. It was an incredibly competitive year, with average sales volume up over 20% among teams in 2021. 

Kathy Koehler and Heather Bortnick are a mother-daughter duo driven by a passion and expertise passed on to each agent on their team. As the first real estate team formed in Kansas City with over 50 years of combined experience, it’s no surprise that they continue to rank as the number two team in the entire Kansas City metro area.  
See the complete list of The Thousand here (sales volume) and here (transaction sides).

The Rob Ellerman Team Named 24th Mega Team in the Nation

We are proud to announce that The Rob Ellerman Team is the 24th Mega team in the nation in transaction sides according to RealTrend’s and the Wall Street Journal’s “The Thousand” list! They also are 34th in the country in sales volume. 

The Thousand list, advertised in the Wall Street Journal and America’s Best Real Estate Professionals, is undeniably exclusive. Less than 1% of the country’s 1.6 million real estate agents make the cut, so being included is proof of being the best of the best in a year in which the average sales volume was up by 20% among teams across the country. 

Rob is a personable leader who keeps his door open for team member conversations. He’s passionate about helping others succeed and pushing his fellow agents to reach their potential. That is why The Rob Ellerman Team consistently ranks number one in Kansas City and within our parent company, HomeServices of America, Inc – the leading real estate brokerage in the United States. 
See the complete list of The Thousand here (sales volume) and here (transaction sides), and get to know Rob more in his conversation with our President & CEO here.

Alex Goering Takes Over ReeceNichols Overland Park Office

We are proud to welcome Alex Goering into the ReeceNichols family as the broker of the ReeceNichols Overland Park office. 

During an award-winning eight-year career in real estate before joining ReeceNichols, Goering enjoyed incredible success with the Goering Group for six years before transitioning to a management role in 2020. Goering’s career honors include being named the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors Salesperson of the Year (2017), the Kansas Association of Realtors Salesperson of the Year (2019), and one of the National Association of Realtor’s 30 Under 30 honorees (2019). He is also currently the President of Heartland MLS. 

Goering enjoys spending time with his wife, Sara, and daughters, Charlee and Margot, and is a classically trained singer and local performer.

ReeceNichols Franchise Sunflower Realty Group Announces Grand Re-Opening

ReeceNichols Real Estate, the largest real estate brokerage in Kansas and Missouri, is proud to announce the grand re-opening of ReeceNichols franchise Sunflower Realty Group in Pittsburg, Kansas. The new location at 513 N. Broadway Street will open its doors with a ribbon-cutting on Thursday, May 5th. 

After starting with only one agent in 2017, Broker Nichole Hamblin has grown Sunflower Realty Group into the market leader in Pittsburg while expanding to a team of 12 agents. 

“I am so proud of how our business has grown over the last five years,” Hamblin said. “We are honored to be a part of the incredible downtown revitalization in Pittsburg. This great community deserves only the highest quality of service, and that is what we will continue to provide.”

Hamblin also runs ReeceNichols Warrensburg/Whiteman Realty LLC in Warrensburg, Missouri, where she has also significantly increased the sales volume of the office. 

“Nichole and her agents have done an outstanding job of quickly growing the ReeceNichols footprint in southeast Kansas,” Vice President and Franchise Director of ReeceNichols Alliance, Inc. Kathryn Clark said. “We can’t wait to see how quickly and effectively they extend our reach even further with this new location’s increased size and visibility.”

Thursday’s ribbon-cutting celebration will occur at the new Broadway office from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

ReeceNichols Expands Into Oklahoma With BajaRanch Team Grand Lake Office

ReeceNichols Real Estate, the largest real estate brokerage in Kansas and Missouri, is expanding into Oklahoma for the first time. ReeceNichols BajaRanch Team, a ReeceNichols franchise, is hosting a grand opening on Friday, April 8th, for its Grand Lake, Oklahoma location. 

The Grand Lake office is the third ReeceNichols BajaRanch Team franchise office operated by Owner and Managing Broker Dena Daniels, who also oversees locations in Humboldt, Kansas, and Chanute, Kansas. The BajaRanch Team now has ten licensed agents – three of whom are licensed in Oklahoma. 

“We are truly thrilled to bring the tradition and prestige of the ReeceNichols brand into Oklahoma,” Daniels said. “ReeceNichols has the best tools in the business, which will empower us to make the home buying and selling process as smooth as possible for future homeowners in northeast Oklahoma. The Grand Lake area is a logical next step for our business with it serving as a popular vacation destination for many people in southeast Kansas.”

The first ReeceNichols BajaRanch Team franchise office in Humboldt opened in late 2020, and the Chanute location was only five months behind, opening in March of 2021. 

“Dena and her agents have done an outstanding job of growing the ReeceNichols footprint in southeast Kansas in such a short time,” Vice President and Franchise Director of ReeceNichols Alliance, Inc. Kathryn Clark said. “There is no doubt in my mind they will bring only the highest quality of service to the community of northeast Oklahoma. We can’t wait to see how quickly and effectively they extend our reach even further. ”

The ReeceNichols BajaRanch Team office in Grand Lake is located at 348 W. Ketchum St. Ketchum, OK 74349. The grand opening is on Friday, April 8th at 4:00 pm. 

ReeceNichols Expands Initiative to Better Serve the African American Community

ReeceNichols, the largest real estate company in Kansas and Missouri, is expanding upon an initiative launched three years ago to better serve the African American community. The new phase of the initiative focuses on how to best administer ReeceNichols’ resources throughout the community to provide the tools and information necessary to build wealth through homeownership.

Creating strong partnerships with community organizations and leaders will be at the forefront of efforts to offer more education and better industry representation for the African American community. A team led by several Black agents at ReeceNichols will guide the initiative by building upon existing connections throughout the community and identifying growth opportunities. The initiative is a key part of ReeceNichols’ Community Affairs Department, which began in 2018 with a goal of better serving all communities in Kansas and Missouri.

“Since we began developing the African American initiative, we have been working closely with our agents, organizations and community leaders to address and overcome the homeownership disparities fostered by past discriminatory practices in the housing industry,” said Fabian Gayosso, ReeceNichols’ Director of Community Affairs. “We are committed to using our expertise to help more members of our African American community build wealth through homeownership.”

ReeceNichols began laying the foundation for this initiative in 2019 by seeking feedback from the African American community and key civic leaders. Through efforts such as The Chat Room, Socialite Hour, and home buying seminars, ReeceNichols leadership exchanged ideas with elected officials like Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas and Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, as well as church leaders, nonprofit directors and a diverse roster of agents themselves.

“As the leading real estate company in Missouri and Kansas, it is our responsibility to change the future by educating, volunteering and making homeownership a possibility for all,” ReeceNichols President and CEO Mike Frazier said. “This is not a short-term process. ReeceNichols is committed to this effort and our agents that support it for years to come.”

This initiative is a part of an ongoing effort to ensure ReeceNichols’ agent population, leadership, and client base best reflects the local communities they serve. ReeceNichols’ Community Affairs Department has worked toward this goal since 2018 and looks forward to finding more ways to better serve all communities in Kansas and Missouri.

For more information about the initiative or the Community Affairs Department, visit reecenichols.com/action.

Our 2021 Was Amazing Thanks To You!

2021 was an incredibly busy year for us. With new partnerships, the Gold Key Project, a record-breaking year overall, we accomplished a lot last year thanks to our amazing agents and everyone they helped find home. Walk down memory lane with us and let us know what you accomplished last year!

KCRAR Newcomer of the Year | Kimberly James

Nobody achieves significant success without some help along the way. 

For ReeceNichols Parkville agent Kimberly James, that help came with four legs, a wagging tongue, and shaggy hair. James’ beloved dog Lucy – who is every bit as adorable as she sounds – jumpstarted a real estate career that already includes a prestigious honor from the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors. 

It all started on one of James’ two daily walks with Lucy, an essential ritual for the two, shortly after James got her license. 

“That’s when my neighbor said, ‘hey, my kids are looking for a house, and they want lakefront. Do you know of anything?’” James said. “That afternoon, I showed her kids two houses, and they bought one – for over a million dollars.” 

Make sure to credit Lucy with the assist.

In November, James was chosen as the Newcomer of the Year by the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors out of more than 12,000 agents in Kansas and Missouri. It should come as no surprise for an agent who sold over $6 million worth of properties in her first six months on the job – with real estate still only a “side hustle.” 

Finding ReeceNichols Parkville

For 36 years, James has worked as a manufacturer’s rep and wholesaler selling lawn & garden supplies, hardware, and housewares to retailers. She still currently manages her business’s lawn & garden division in Nebraska and Iowa. In 2019, after years of watching retail to retail business fall off and seeing her territory reduced, she began searching for a profitable second job. Things began to fall into place after a serendipitous conversation. 

“I was at a girlfriend’s party, and Linda Cone (from The Cone Team at ReeceNichols Parkville) was there,” James said. “I started asking her questions about real estate, and she said she thought that I would be great. That was it. That was the beginning.”

By January of 2020, she had her real estate license, and she started at ReeceNichols in March of 2020 – two weeks before a pandemic shut the world down.

“I didn’t know the systems, and I didn’t know the paperwork,” James said. “I needed a lot of help.”

This time, help came in the form of Cone, now her team leader, and ReeceNichols Parkville Managing Broker Leslie Hogan, who quickly became two influential mentors for James. She credits Cone for keeping her on track during some early pandemic struggles, while Hogan was always there with valuable insight of her own. 

“She always has clarity,” James said. “Leslie has been a very calming resource for me and helped me immensely.” 

Hogan and Cone helped launch James rapidly towards success. Her first listing came in only two weeks, and her first lakefront property came within the first month and sold after only two showings. Fast forward to today, and James has sold 13 properties within her own community at Weatherby Lake. The success is evident, but even she didn’t expect it to come this swiftly.

“No, no, no,” James interjected. “But it’s good!” 

Rewarding Lives

James has been a valuable part of another banner year at ReeceNichols – including a record-setting month of November. She is immensely grateful for her team of mentors at ReeceNichols Parkville and the comprehensive assortment of resources available at ReeceNichols. 

“ReeceNichols has been wonderful,” James said. “I feel acknowledged by ReeceNichols, I feel supported, and the education and training have been terrific. It’s a cozy, welcoming environment. It’s very warm.” 

True to ReeceNichols form, James insists that it isn’t just about clients buying and selling houses. It’s about changing their lives in the most positive of ways. 

“I want to put people in places that they love,” James said. “I’m about people having a lifestyle that speaks to them and something that lights them up and energizes them.” 

She’s on pace to do plenty more of that, intending to eventually upgrade real estate from a side hustle into full-time work. Of course, Lucy will be coming along for the ride. 

“She’s my million-dollar baby and my good luck charm,” James said.

The daily walks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.