Ask Me Three | Real Estate’s Best Mother-Daughter Duo

The Koehler Bortnick Team is famous in Kansas City real estate. Kathy Koehler joined us at ReeceNichols 35 years ago, and her love for it rubbed off on her daughter, Heather Bortnick. Eventually the two became partners and the Koehler Bortnick Team was born!

Kathy and Heather sat down with ReeceNichols President & CEO Mike Frazier to ask each other their burning questions. They talked about what it’s like working with family, what it takes to become a top-producing real estate agent, how to grow a team and lead a company, and where they’d go if they could live anywhere in the world.

Get a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of top real estate agents and check it out above!

Ask Me Three | How Kansas City’s #1 Realtor Grows A Business

Rob Ellerman, the leader of the nationally ranked Rob Ellerman Team, didn’t imagine he’d get into the real estate business when he was young. In fact, he graduated with a criminal justice degree! But real estate has been good to him. With more than 400 Million in sales he beat the record for closed volume in Kansas City in 2019 and continues to break records. Rob and Mike Frazier, ReeceNichols President & CEO, sat down for a conversation in the basketball court Rob owns, to talk about what he would say to his 25 year old self, what his keys are to consistent growth after decades of being in real estate, and how other brokerages and competitors may affect business in the coming years. And, keeping with the basketball theme, they even talked about Mike’s high school and college basketball career!

Ask Me Three | Kansas City Realtor Gets Honest About Buying Her First Home

Sometimes you take a job to help others through something you’ve been through yourself: That is exactly how Zondi Krehbiel got into real estate. Her experience buying her first home with her husband was overwhelming, and she felt called to guide others through the process. She’s a natural and was our 2019 Rookie of the Year! Zondi and Mike Frazier, ReeceNichols President & CEO, sat down for a candid but fun conversation about the importance of being a real estate agent, ReeceNichols’s role in helping minority homeownership, and the time Zondi met the Queen of England! 


There are many different ways to keep in touch with your sphere, including social media, but Brad Gore and Ken Bowmen with The Real Pro Team have discovered great success with Facebook Watch! Here are their best practices for producing videos on that platform.

The Method

Facebook Watch is part of the video service Facebook offers and we found it was a great way to stay in touch with our sphere. We specifically chose to produce these Real Estate Geeks videos in the rolling REALTOR” studio to make it a little more interesting for folks to watch. Plus, when they see our van around town, that added connection will be there as well. You have the option in Facebook videos for these to be part of a series, so that’s what we’ve done – we typically do two seasons a year and six episodes a season. Five are pre-taped and the sixth is usually a live episode.

The Content

Most of our videos are between 10 – 15 minutes long. We give general real estate advice in a very informal setting and we have fun with it! The videos are very easy to send out – we send them to our sphere and current clients through our CRM, but you can send them via VideoFizz or Bombomb. It keeps your face in front of your people and it makes you a little more real to them. They’ll be able to connect with you and see that you’re ready to help them!

The Equipment

We both wear a microphone and record the videos with an iphone! We also have a wide-angle lens we purchased on Amazon that we attach to the iphone to make sure the picture is wide enough for both of us to be in the frame.

The Results

Our average view time is 8 minutes and we’ll get around 5,000 views a week!

To learn more, reach out to The Real Pro Team at


To win in real estate, especially during the busy home buying and selling season, you must get focused and take charge! Senior Vice President of Brokerage, Don Burns, has a great method you can apply to be successful—he calls it, the 3 A’s.

Have a Mission

The first thing you should do is come up with a mission. For example: “I want to win in real estate by outperforming the competition and exceeding customer expectations.” Coming up with a mission like this is a great place to start. Then, start incorporating the 3 A’s.

Adaptable – It’s important to be able to adapt to any kind of market, whether the economy is sour, the economy is great, or there’s a pandemic. This goes for your clients as well. You may have clients that are fantastic and others that are challenging, so it’s vital that you be able to adapt to their needs to make sure the transaction goes smoothly for everyone involved.

Accountable – First and foremost, you want to be accountable to you and your business. Are you taking the time to make sure that your business is on the right track, that you’re spending money correctly, and that you’re supporting your clients? Are you accountable to your clients? Are you returning their phone calls? It’s also important that you’re accountable to other agents as well as your broker.

Aggressive – When you’re aggressive in a sales environment, it’s going to show. So, you’ll want to take chances and you’ll want to turn over every stone that you can in order to get to where you want to go. The bottom line is, if you’re not aggressive in the real estate market, somebody else will be!

To learn more, reach out to Don


Have you had success with a direct mail campaign? The #KodySoldMyHome Team most certainly has! Team leads, Kody Gideon and Victoria Billington, share 10 tips for making a direct mail campaign a huge success.

  1. Identify your prospects, know who you are mailing to and when.
  2. Frequency counts! It is better to mail to a smaller pool of people more frequently than it is to mail to a big group of people one time.
  3. Preplan your campaign. You should know from start to finish how many pieces you’re mailing, what pieces you’ll be mailing, and why.
  4. Brand it up! Make sure you’re consistent with your branding and make it pop.
  5. Keep it simple. Any piece of mail should be easy to look at and should communicate your purpose.
  6. Track your campaign. This is especially important if you have a few different campaigns going at the same time. Make sure you have a system in place to track your campaign before you even begin.
  7. Include something worth keeping. It’s possible the people you’re mailing to may not be ready to buy or sell right now, but if you include something that is difficult to throw away (like a magnetic refrigerator calendar or a magnetic business card), they’ll be much more likely to contact you in the future.
  8. Make it pretty. Make sure your mailers are aesthetically pleasing and support your content.
  9. Use your face. Whatever the mailing is, make sure you have your picture on it. People like you and want to do business with you! Remind them of that.
  10. Have a call to action! On every mailer you should include verbiage that calls a person to do something. You could urge them to text you, email you, or visit your website.

To learn more, email Kody at


As the world returns to some semblance of normalcy, it’s natural that the messaging in your marketing should shift, but how? Beth Benedict Borders, Assistant Broker at the Country Club Plaza office shares her best practices.

Shift marketing back to business

I’m sure you’ve seen various advertisements in the past month talking about how it’s “business as usual.” I saw a Lexus commercial recently that really resonated with me. It said: “This is not a time for business as usual, or is it? “What if business as usual means putting people first and understanding their needs. If that’s your business 365 days of every year, then business as usual is precisely what these times require.” What we do at ReeceNichols is special, we put people first and that hasn’t changed. Therefore, as things begin to look a little more traditional, this is a good time to shift your marketing back to talking about the real estate market. After all, taking care of people and looking out for their needs and wants is how we do business, and that part isn’t changing!

What to discuss

Talk about inventory or average price per square foot. Create marketing materials, do a monthly newsletter or post a video talking about the real estate market. Be clear that you’re still conducting business, but you will do everything you can to keep people safe. You can use VideoFizz, Bombbomb, or even Zoom to record messages. Practice and get comfortable in this new space – there are plenty of people out there that need help navigating their most important investment and that’s what we’re here to do!

To learn more, reach out to Beth


As you reach out to your past clients and sphere during this time, agent Majid Ghavami suggests utilizing video in unique ways. He shared best practices and methods you can get into the habit of using now and continue to use when the market normalizes a bit.

Providing value through video

Share suggestions for things people can do around their house, like changing their furnace filter! You’ll be providing value to the people in your sphere, plus, it shows folks that you’re a homeowner, too! You could also share some ideas about projects that could have a return on home investment.

Market reports

People are always curious about how the real estate market is doing, but if you decide to share a market report, make sure your video is put into terms people can understand. For example, don’t just say there’s 1.8 months-worth of inventory at the moment, explain what that means! Break it down for them and explain it in detail – this will show them you’re the professional.

Reach out through video

People are bombarded by sad news these days, so this is a great time to reach out to past clients as a friend. Set up a video chat or Zoom call just to talk, you don’t even have to talk about real estate. More than likely, your clients will be happy to hear from you and you’ll be surprised how often the conversation turns to real estate eventually! So, be ready just in case, with some neighborhood stats on hand.

There’s so much you can do video-wise, even on a smart phone. Your videos don’t have to be perfectly polished – just be you! Even when the market “normalizes” a little bit, keep doing those videos – it’s where the future of our business is, and it’ll make you stand out amongst the competition.

To learn more from Majid, reach out to him at or 913-980-2434.


There are many things we cannot control right now, but according to Shanan Steere, Owner of Shanan Group, we can control the relationships we have with the people in our sphere! Here are her best practices that have worked wonders for keeping in touch.

Closed Facebook Group

Years ago, we created a closed Facebook group for our sphere and past clients. It’s been a saving grace during this time! Every day we’ll do a fun contest within the group. We’ll give out a gift card to Starbucks and it really helps to keep our folks engaged. By doing this, we’ve gotten a lot of referrals from within our sphere.


We invite people to our closed group via BombBomb videos! We utilize BombBomb because it’s a great video platform, and using videos allows you to incorporate 100% of your communication capacity.*


Make sure to get your reviews in order! This is the perfect time to reach out to your entire sphere and all of your past clients to get reviews. If you haven’t done reviews yet, talk to your manager about building your Google Business page. Make sure you’re doing your reviews and recording your sales on Zillow and doing your reviews on and your Facebook business page.

To learn more, reach out to Shanan at or 913-972-8599.

*In 1971, Albert Mehrabian published “Silent Messages” where he discussed his research on non-verbal communication. He concluded that 7% of someone’s credibility is attributed to verbal communication, while 38% is attributed to tone of voice and 55% to body language.


While only May, the old business plan needs to be revamped. Where can you tighten expenses, focus on what your virtual offering looks like and decide how your marketing plan shifts? Assess where your business comes from. If you do a lot of open houses, keep in mind you won’t be able to do nearly as many of those and they’ll have to be virtual. Consider what new prospecting methods you’ll implement to fill your pipeline. How will you meet new people?

Consider your communications. This is a challenging time for many people, and we must be mindful of the messages we are sending.

Remember Pearson’s Law: what you measure will improve. Track the daily activities that will drive your business. Set goals for the next 30 days across:

  • Prospecting and nurturing
  • Marketing and communication
  • Transactions and revenue