Ask Me Three | Why A Realtor Left Healthcare For Real Estate

We’re wrapping up our first season of Ask Me Three with a conversation between our President & CEO Mike Frazier and real estate agent David Slawson!

David has only been with us for a few years, but he brings a wealth of knowledge thanks to a past life in healthcare management and an old side job in real estate. He sat down with Mike to talk about why he returned to real estate, where he’d live if money was no object, and why he chose ReeceNichols, while he asked Mike about the hardest part of his job and who he most looks up to. Listen in on their conversation here!

Ask Me Three | How a Real Estate Agent Is Fighting The Racial Homeownership Gap

Sometimes the second time is the charm. Sharonne McGee became a part-time real estate agent after becoming the second homeowner in her family’s history, but fell out of it for a while when life took her down a different path. A few years ago she decided to try it out full-time and gave it one year as a test – she’s on year six now!

Sharonne joined ReeceNichols President & CEO Mike Frazier at the Bruce R Watkins Cultural Center for a deep conversation about her return to real estate, how she’s doing it differently this time around, her involvement with our African American Initiative, why it’s still a challenge for people of color to achieve homeownership, and what she and Mike are both currently doing – and hoping to do – to close the racial homeownership gap in Kansas City. Check it all out in the video here!

Ask Me Three | How A Springfield Accountant Switched To Her Family Business In Real Estate

Sometimes you just can’t resist the family business. Kellie Revoir was born into a real estate family, but she pushed back against becoming a realtor. After 13 years as an accountant she ended up boomeranging back into it and she’s been loving it ever since. Today Kellie and her mom lead a team of 17 agents and employees in Springfield, MO that sold over $50 million in 2020 and has already closed over 300 houses this year so far.

Kellie sat down with ReeceNichols President & CEO Mike Frazier to get to know each other better. They chatted about how Kellie and her mom balance each other out, what her team thinks is the least-known thing about her, the biggest risk Mike ever took as a recovering accountant himself, the best advice he ever got, and what Mike thinks real estate’s challenges will be over the next five years. Check out their full conversation here!

Ask Me Three | How A Missouri Agent Started His Success at 22

Sometimes at 22 you know exactly what career you want, but sometimes you find something that turns out to be the “smartest accident” you ever made! That’s the path Cody Gideon took: He quit his job in retail without knowing what was next, and made his way to real estate in Springfield, MO where he’s made amazing strides and been incredibly successful ever since.

ReeceNichols President & CEO Mike Frazier went down to Springfield to talk with Cody about what makes a great real estate agent, how Cody has built his career to benefit his clients, and which restaurants Mike recommends for visitors to KC!

Ask Me 3 | How a Kansas City Realtor Made a More Intentional Business

Colby Venegas has been moving up the real estate ladder, going from team member to a top individual agent to the leader of her own team, and she’s been hugely successful every step of the way, adding Signature luxury listings and our Hispanic Leadership Initiative to her portfolio of experiences.

She and ReeceNichols President & CEO Mike Frazier sat down for a great conversation about what they’ve both learned about leadership and how to be a good leader, the importance of creating a more intentional space in real estate for Latino clients, Mike’s decision to commit to CEO Action in Diversity & Inclusion, our Signature brand for luxury real estate – and Colby’s wildest marketing ideas!

Ask Me Three | How A Top Kansas City Realtor Achieves A Work Life Balance

Samantha Salem is career goals for a lot of people: In just under four years she’s started her own team, achieved over $10 million in sales in 50 transactions, is a single mom to two great kids, and a new soccer aficionado.

Samantha and Mike Frazier, our President and CEO, met up at My Play Cafe to talk about how to achieve harmony between work and private life, different approaches to handling stress, and their hypothetical Oscar acceptance speeches!

Ask Me Three | Real Estate’s Best Mother-Daughter Duo

The Koehler Bortnick Team is famous in Kansas City real estate. Kathy Koehler joined us at ReeceNichols 35 years ago, and her love for it rubbed off on her daughter, Heather Bortnick. Eventually the two became partners and the Koehler Bortnick Team was born!

Kathy and Heather sat down with ReeceNichols President & CEO Mike Frazier to ask each other their burning questions. They talked about what it’s like working with family, what it takes to become a top-producing real estate agent, how to grow a team and lead a company, and where they’d go if they could live anywhere in the world.

Get a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of top real estate agents and check it out above!

Ask Me Three | KC Realtor Talks Ronald McDonald House, Working with Her Husband

Drastic career changes are normal. Just ask Wendy Spratley, who went from owning night clubs and restaurants to being a real estate agent! She’s quickly become a star, working in tandem with her husband to find people their new homes. 
Wendy and Mike Frazier, ReeceNichols President & CEO, sat down recently to chat about their work backgrounds, Wendy’s connection to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City and her involvement in our Gold Key Project, and what it’s like to work with her spouse since switching to real estate! 

Ask Me Three | How Kansas City’s #1 Realtor Grows A Business

Rob Ellerman, the leader of the nationally ranked Rob Ellerman Team, didn’t imagine he’d get into the real estate business when he was young. In fact, he graduated with a criminal justice degree! But real estate has been good to him. With more than 400 Million in sales he beat the record for closed volume in Kansas City in 2019 and continues to break records.

Rob and Mike Frazier, ReeceNichols President & CEO, sat down for a conversation in the basketball court Rob owns, to talk about what he would say to his 25 year old self, what his keys are to consistent growth after decades of being in real estate, and how other brokerages and competitors may affect business in the coming years. And, keeping with the basketball theme, they even talked about Mike’s high school and college basketball career!

Ask Me Three | Kansas City Realtor Gets Honest About Buying Her First Home

Sometimes you take a job to help others through something you’ve been through yourself: That is exactly how Zondi Krehbiel got into real estate. Her experience buying her first home with her husband was overwhelming, and she felt called to guide others through the process. She’s a natural and was our 2019 Rookie of the Year!

Zondi and Mike Frazier, ReeceNichols President & CEO, sat down for a candid but fun conversation about the importance of being a real estate agent, ReeceNichols’s role in helping minority homeownership, and the time Zondi met the Queen of England!