Upgrade Your Garden This Spring!

We all know how scorching hot summertime in the Midwest can be. That can make gardening a challenge in Kansas and Missouri, where the heat takes a major toll on plants. If you’re a first-timer trying to develop your green thumb or an experienced gardener looking to upgrade your plant selection this year, check out these plants that can withstand the summer heat in your garden.

Coneflower: Their daisy-like petals come in pink, orange, white and purple, and the tall central seed head stays attractive even after the flowers have faded. Make sure to plant them in full sun and provide an inch of water per week.  

Cosmos: This is an easy option that grows well from seed and can flourish in poor soil – a great low-maintenance choice. They work best in the middle or back of a garden.

Daylilies: You’ll find these reliable perennials in many colors and sizes. They love the sun and can tolerate drought once established. 

Marigolds: They will thrive in containers and garden beds, and small varieties are perfect to line a path or patio in full sun. The orange and yellow flowers come in all sizes and can reward you with blooms until late into the fall. 

Verbena: This hardworking annual comes in white, yellow, pink, and red shades. They’re easiest to plant as transplants and can provide a lovely scent. 

Zinnias: Sturdy stems keep these daisy-like flowers blooming until frost comes when regularly deadheaded. They love full sun and can survive drought in a container or flower bed.