Feeling restless in the heat? Declutter your home for summer!

Now that we’re in the dog days of summer, things are slowing down – which means it’s a great time to tackle some decluttering projects! Here are eight things to go through before autumn:

Seasonal decorations – If you have spring or summer holiday decorations you didn’t use this year, take them out and donate them when you pack the others away for the summer.

Old papers – Receipts, mailed reminders, expired coupons, or old school or work projects that gathered over the months can be shredded or scanned to your email if you want to retain them.

Pantry – The heavy stick-to-your-ribs foods and ingredients you bought over the winter and didn’t use up in the spring may be expired by now. Or use them up to make room for seasonal foods.

Old appliances or furniture – While you can get rid of these any time, it’s easier in the summer when the weather is nicer and people are a little more willing to help out!

Basement storage areas – Declutter in relative coolness by clearing out basement storage areas. Check for anything that may have water damage or mildew.

Corners and baseboards – If you opened the windows to enjoy the spring air, or if you turned your air conditioning or fans on to help beat the heat, you may have pollen or dust built up on baseboards or in corners.

Extra bedding, blankets and sheets – If you didn’t use them in the winter, and they’re too heavy for summer, don’t let them continue to take up closet space.

Books – If you own any books that don’t look like good summertime reading, and you didn’t curl up with them during the cold winter months, consider donating them to a local used bookstore.