How to Clean Your Thermostat

Thermostat giving you problems? Try giving it a clean!

Your thermostat may be a small device in your home, but when it stops working, everyone notices! If you find the settings are correct but the thermostat is still giving you problems, try cleaning it before calling in the professionals.

What you’ll need: A soft paintbrush and a dollar bill. Possibly a Q-tip and alcohol.

  • First, remove the thermostat cover. Some covers have screws, some slide and some simply snap off. Then, gently clean between the contact points with the paintbrush. You can also remove any dust and debris that might be caught in the crevices with a crisp dollar bill. It’s very important that you not touch any of the parts with your fingers.
  • After you’ve cleaned the thermostat, replace the batteries before putting the cover back on. It’s also a good idea to look for any corroded or loose wires, but if you see any, don’t try to fix or replace them on your own, leave that up to an electrician.
  • A note to remember, “Smart” thermostats do not need to be cleaned, aside from the occasional dusting.