Give your home a spring refresh!

After a long winter, March is a good time to assess both the inside and outside of your home. It’s the perfect time to plan a garden, remove debris and clean up all the mud and remains of snow and slush your family has likely tracked into the house the last few months. Here are a few projects to do in March:

  • Check your lawn – Rescue a patchy lawn by removing dead soil, tilling the soil and adding compost. However, wait for warmer weather to reseed.
  • Tidy the gutters – Winter storms can blow twigs, leaves and debris into your gutters, so even if you cleaned them in the fall, it’s best to clean them again.
  • Check your home exterior – Check your roof for loose shingles, gutters and siding and keep an eye out for wood rot.
  • Clean up your patio furniture – Give everything a good scrubbing before putting it out for use.
  • Prepare your garden – Plant summer-flowering bulbs after the last frost and ready your garden beds for other early plantings.
  • Refresh your entryway – Swap mittens and hats to make room for spring boots and rain jackets. Put out an umbrella holder for rainy days.
  • HVAC Maintenance – Clean your AC condenser using a garden hose and spray nozzle, which will help ensure your AC runs smoothly in the summer.
  • Carpet cleaning – Give your carpets and rugs a deep spring clean to clear out ice melt or anything else your family may have brought into the house over the winter.
  • Reorganize your closets – Donate or sell any winter clothing you didn’t wear this season, then pack your off-season clothes into boxes or bins.