Parisi Coffee and ReeceNichols Announce New Partnership

Two Kansas City companies, Parisi Coffee and ReeceNichols Real Estate, have launched an exciting new partnership with the debut of the “Haven” blend. The coffee will be available to all ReeceNichols agents later this month, as well as ReeceNichols customers and the general public.

“As a locally owned and operated business, we’re continually searching for partners who share our passion for Kansas City,” said Joseph Paris, CEO of Parisi Coffee. “ReeceNichols has a reputation for selling beautiful homes and offering unparalleled customer service, making it the ideal fit for this collaboration.”

The Haven blend was designed specifically for ReeceNichols. Company representatives met with Nick Scott, Head Roaster at Parisi Coffee, and attended a cupping where various beans and roast styles were tried before settling on a blend of Central and South American coffees. Notes include milk chocolate, grapefruit, melon and caramel. The coffee is considered a “medium blend,” making it ideal for a wide range of coffee drinkers.

“So many memories are made and conversations are had over a cup of coffee at home,” said ReeceNichols President & CEO Mike Frazier. “Real estate and coffee are both very tied to people’s emotions, which is why it was a natural fit to partner with Parisi Coffee, another iconic Kansas City company that shares our values of quality and building community relationships.”

Agents will be able to order the Haven blend directly from Parisi Coffee and use it for their offices, open houses, client gifts and special promotions. Additionally, ReeceNichols customers will have the option of purchasing the coffee through their real estate agent. And finally, Haven will be available to the general public through Parisi Coffee’s website. The partnership between ReeceNichols and Parisi Coffee is expected to include a charitable component later in the year, and additional blends are in the works.