As the world returns to some semblance of normalcy, it’s natural that the messaging in your marketing should shift, but how? Beth Benedict Borders, Assistant Broker at the Country Club Plaza office shares her best practices.

Shift marketing back to business

I’m sure you’ve seen various advertisements in the past month talking about how it’s “business as usual.” I saw a Lexus commercial recently that really resonated with me. It said: “This is not a time for business as usual, or is it? “What if business as usual means putting people first and understanding their needs. If that’s your business 365 days of every year, then business as usual is precisely what these times require.” What we do at ReeceNichols is special, we put people first and that hasn’t changed. Therefore, as things begin to look a little more traditional, this is a good time to shift your marketing back to talking about the real estate market. After all, taking care of people and looking out for their needs and wants is how we do business, and that part isn’t changing!

What to discuss

Talk about inventory or average price per square foot. Create marketing materials, do a monthly newsletter or post a video talking about the real estate market. Be clear that you’re still conducting business, but you will do everything you can to keep people safe. You can use VideoFizz, Bombbomb, or even Zoom to record messages. Practice and get comfortable in this new space – there are plenty of people out there that need help navigating their most important investment and that’s what we’re here to do!

To learn more, reach out to Beth