Fall is an excellent time to move-in to your new home! The weather is crisp and (usually) dry, you still have a good amount of sunlight, and you can stop for your favorite fall beverages on all those trips back and forth between your old house and your new house! Our friends at Zaarly asked their movers for tips to make your fall move a successful one.

Use this Opportunity to Declutter

Summer clutter ads up. Instead of packing it and moving it to your new home, donate or toss those items instead. While you’re at it, look at any other seasonal items to see if they can go. You’ll be glad you didn’t move your clutter from one home to the next.

Know Where Your Fall Items Are

Maybe you haven’t used your crockpot since last winter, or those fleece scarves you got for Christmas. Label boxes “fall,” so those boxes don’t end up last in the unpack pile or stored away in the garage.


The last thing you want to do is move-in to your new home and remember that you forgot to set up your electric. Make sure to call the utility companies well ahead of your move, so you are clear on what is needed to make sure everything is up and running on move-in day.

Get an Outdoor Broom

When you move in the fall, you typically deal with leaves and dirt. Get a heavy-duty broom to stay ahead of sweeping walkways and steps. While you’re at it, consider putting a plastic tarp down in the entryway to reduce any outside debris from making its way onto your new carpet.

Put on a Pot of Coffee

Your movers (and all your friends helping) will appreciate a cup of hot coffee (or hot apple cider) on those cooler move-in days!

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