Every summer you think to yourself, “This year, I’m going to be ready for summer.” Jan. 1 comes around, and you have great intentions to make your curbs look the best they can. You plan and you start looking for plants and flowers to hide imperfections. You even look into hiring a pro to help you get your curbs where they need to be before summer.

It’s time to embrace your curbs! There are still plenty of things you can do to feel confident again.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Lawns need at least one inch of water per week. Use a rain gauge or straight-sided can to keep track of the amount of water received from rainfall and irrigation. Water your lawn early in the day for best results.

Plant Flowers

Gloriosa Daisy is a great flower to plant this summer; they bloom all summer long. You can also add a few potted plants or window planter-boxes if you don’t want to commit to planting or gardening right now.

Power Wash

Giving your home a good washing can make a big difference; it might even look like you gave it a fresh coat of paint! Power washing will also wash away spider eggs and nests from critters you probably want to stay on the outside of your home.

Paint the Trim and the Front Door

A little bit of paint can go a long way to giving your home an updated and fresh look. Pick a bold color for your front door (as long as you check with the HOA first!) and update your trim with a coat of fresh paint, or go a shade or two lighter.

Get a New Mailbox

Your mailbox is often the first thing people see on your curb. Switching out to a brightly-colored mailbox on a beautiful post can give your home a more welcoming look.

Add New Outdoor Furniture

A few nice furniture pieces on your front porch can do a lot to add to the aesthetic of your home. Pick a few vibrant pieces of welcoming furniture, add a few pots of flowers and you’ve got yourself a mini-summer oasis to sit back and drink a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade!

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