10 Special Rooms in Luxury Homes

10 Special Rooms in Luxury Homes

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If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you add to your home? Take a cue from these extravagant additions found in ultra-luxury homes!

  1. Catch the latest blockbuster or get your game in your very own home movie theater with a gigantic screen, comfy chairs and sound-proof walls.
  2. Live out Carrie Bradshaw’s dream with a huge, walk-in closet, complete with more than enough room for your shoes, jewelry, bags and clothes.
  3. Hate going to the gym? Put one in your home instead, equipped with all the machines, free weights and medicine balls you need.
  4. Take a dip even in the dead of winter in an indoor swimming pool.
  5. Serve like a pro in a private tennis court right in your backyard.
  6. Create your own in-house sauna with a steam room, luxurious towels and a large, relaxing bathtub.
  7. Store your wine in a climate-controlled wine cellar to keep your vintages fresh.
  8. Make a two-car garage feel tiny with a gigantic garage big enough to store multiple cars, motorcycles or boats.
  9. Love to DIY? Stock a spare room with your favorite materials to create your very own crafting station.
  10. Turn your backyard into an outdoor paradise with a fully-stocked outdoor kitchen and backhouse.

Want to infuse luxury into your life on a smaller scale? If you have the spare space, you can add some of these ideas in your own home. If you need some extra help, enlist the best local home service providers! Ask your ReeceNichols agent how to get started.