6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Appliance’s Performance

6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Appliance’s Performance

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Whether it’s in response to a warming fridge or a dryer that just won’t dry, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “they just don’t make them like they used to.” When we look at all the advancements we’ve made over the years, they’re not wrong – refrigerators even have TV’s in them now!

The conversation around routine maintenance to keep your appliances performing at their best has changed over the years, but some traditions are worth keeping.

Here are 6 maintenance tasks you can easily work into your cleaning routine:

Clean refrigerator coils & gaskets

If you’re noticing that your fridge isn’t maintaining its chill, start with the coils and gaskets! The area beneath the fridge is subject to collecting debris, so routinely cleaning the coils is a must. While you’re at it, give the rubber gaskets a thorough clean with warm water. Your gaskets help seal the fridge properly and increase its efficiency.

Recalibrate oven temperature settings

Burnt pizza again? No thanks! If your oven seems a little off, try reaching for the manual and recalibrating the temperature settings before stressing over a replacement.

Clean your dishwasher

If you find yourself having to clean your dishes again after a cycle in the dishwasher, it might be time to clean out the filters at the bottom.

Refresh your garbage disposal & keep blades sharp

You may have seen the ice hack on TikTok, but why not take it a step further and include the do-it-all fruit – lemons! Not only will this trick sharpen your blades, but it will leave behind a pleasant, fresh scent.

Scrub the lint filter

We all know to wipe down the lint filter in our dryers after each use but giving them a routine scrub can do wonders! Just give the filter a thorough scrub with a stiff brush, hot water and a little laundry detergent to boost its drying efficiency.

Clean the washing machine

We know – washing the washing machine seems a bit redundant, but it’s worth it! Making a habit of wiping down the interior, seals and lids can go a long way in preventing mold buildup. On deep-clean days, run an empty load with vinegar and follow up with another cycle using just baking soda, then leave the door open to air dry.

With these simple steps, you can keep your home appliances working in tip-top shape for longer!