Envisioning Your Life in Someone Else's Home

Envisioning Your Life in Someone Else's Home

When shopping for a new home it can be difficult to look past the current owner’s possessions and envision your own life in the space. This is why many realtor’s prefer to sell a home that isn’t currently occupied by the owner. But in today’s market, homes are often only on the market for a day or two and as a buyer, you have to be able to make a decision quickly.

Here are some tricks we recommend for envisioning your life in your future home.

Fall in Love with the Neighborhood

If you can narrow your house search down to a specific neighborhood and really spend the time falling in love with all of the unique and fun qualities of that area, pulling the trigger on a house will be easy when you know you are already in love with the area. We can’t help but be reminded of the age old advice: location, location, location!

White it Out

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This one takes some brain power but try to imagine everything in the house is white. Having a blank canvas in your mind will allow your to picture what your own belongings will look like in the space. Plus, making a house all white usually only requires a few cans of paint - a very doable revision!

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

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We have all watched House Hunters and seen potential homeowners hem and haw over little things like the color of a wall or the backsplash in a kitchen. If you are really serious about buying a home, you have to be able to look past the current owner’s preferences and know that the second they hand over the keys, you can start making the place your own. So don’t let a home that is currently clearly a bachelor pad deter you from making it your quaint family home.

Ignore the Animals


If you are like me, nothing turns you off from a home more than someone else’s cranky cat following you around or noisy parrot squawking while you check out the kitchen. Even though it’s hard to ignore pets, do your best because dogs, cats, and guinea pigs don’t come with the house! Just keep in mind that you may want to pay for extra cleaning services when you move in, especially if you have allergies.

Next time you are spending the day viewing properties with your ReeceNichols agent try to keep some of these tips in mind and hopefully you will snag a house that will become your perfect home in no time.

By Bryn Huntpalmer