Office Testimonials | ReeceNichols Leawood

Working for ReeceNichols Leawood

"The ReeceNichols Leawood office is filled with motivated, focused, hard-working individuals that are more than willing to share their knowledge & ideas. I love that our brokers walk around the office, always asking if they can help you with any problems & provide ideas that can improve your business!"

Stacy Cohen

"I love the environment in this office. People are always working and there is so much business going on I can’t help but be motivated to produce. I also hear a lot of agents encouraging others & I appreciate the professionalism in this office!"

Melissa Josenberger

"Terrific support staff, awesome location and informative weekly trainings & sales meetings!"

Joan Yaffe

"We have TONS of fun with office events & get- togethers. There is always a happy, positive vibe that makes this office thrive!"

Hannah Roste

"I love the Leawood offices’ contagious energy, friendly atmosphere & wonderful staff!"

Monte Summers

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