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    Is New Construction Right for You?

    Building a brand-new home can be rewarding—you can design the “perfect” home for you and your family—with all the features and colors you’ve always wanted. But it also has its own special set of challenges. Continue

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    Are You Sure Your Boat is Covered?

    Whether you live in a climate that enables you to enjoy motorized water sports year-round or if you are getting ready to launch your watercraft for the season, it is always a good time to check one item off the “preparation list” and that is the insurance carried on your watercraft. Below is a list of items that you should consider regarding your watercraft insurance. Continue

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    Q&A: Should I Buy or Lease a Building? If I Buy, How Much Can I Afford?

    At some point in a business’s life, the owner will think, “I’m tired of paying rent. Maybe I should buy a building.” At what point should an owner consider that idea? Continue

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    Can You Save on Insurance? Before You Cut, Read This

    Given the general state of the economy, many people are understandably trying to cut expenses any way they can. Since a significant part of anyone’s budget is their home and auto insurance, this is a natural target for trying to trim costs. Home and auto insurance is effectively a “compulsory” coverage since either a mortgage company or state law requires you to purchase coverage. Continue

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    Don’t let an uninsured driver steal your assets!

    I have to admit, many of the hundreds of automobile insurance commercials I have seen on TV lately are amusing. Geico, AIG direct, Progressive and a host of others are spending hundreds of millions of dollars creating and running attractive, humorous ads attempting to drive consumers to their toll free numbers or websites. As creative as they can be, the ads are very similar in that they are sending a message that automobile insurance is a commodity and the only differentiator between policies and carriers is price. Ouch! Continue

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    Apartment Construction in Kansas City

    You can’t drive very far in Kansas City without seeing new apartments under construction or an older building being redeveloped into apartments. What is going on here and how does it affect both the residential and commercial real estate market? Continue

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    What happens when...

    Ever wonder how insurance works if a tree in your yard falls into your neighbor's yard and causes damage? Or, if your neighbor's tree falls into your yard? Here are some basic ways in which typical insurance policies work in these situations. Continue

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    Refresher: Titles

    Whether you're a new home buyer or a homeowner, an introduction (or refresher) on the ins ad outs of titles is always helpful! Continue

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    After the Holidays: Insuring Your Gifts

    The holidays are behind us, which means it's time to take stock of those wonderful gifts that were received. Many people don't realize that some of those expensive gifts are not completely covered by their insurance policies if they are lost, damaged or stolen. Continue

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    On the Commercial Side...

    Everything in life they say is about timing. We all look back in hindsight and think, should we have done something when we did? Continue