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Wherever life Takes You

Life takes you in many different directions. Kids grow up and move out, your job takes you to a different city, you finally move into your dream house after years of hard work. Wherever life takes you, we want to be by your side.

Here at ReeceNichols, we understand life changes can happen at any time, and every situation is different. Our team of more than 3,000 agents can help you find a home that’s perfect for your needs and will be your trusted advisors every step of the way. Where are you headed next? We can help.


Jonathan and his wife have decided to build a new home, to create their space just as they want it. He can’t wait to share some updates as he visits the site and sees everything coming together!

Robert & Daniel

Sometimes you just need a change of pace. Robert and Daniel just moved into their new neighborhood where they can walk to all the shops and restaurants they love. They can’t wait to have everyone over to visit!


After landing a new job, Jordan finds a new house back in his hometown. He’s so excited to be closer to his family again, especially his mom. We see lots of Sunday dinners in their future!

Jill & Matthew

Jill & Matthew’s children are out of the house, living their lives. Considering the amount of space they have to themselves, Jill & Matthew decide to downsize. Now the cleanup and clutter purging begins!

Jack & Claire

Jack & Claire are coming up on their 35th wedding anniversary and have worked hard their whole lives. They’ve always dreamed of living in a house by a lake and are finally getting that chance. As they step out on their balcony, they toast to the future.

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