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Simply enter your address to get a customized report, instantaneously! Your results will include a price range giving you a rough estimate of the value of your home. You’ll be able to see how many people are looking for a home like yours, and which homes have recently sold in your area.

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We’re dedicated to going above and beyond to deliver a fulfilling and seamless experience to our clients. We’ll be your trusted advisor through the entire home buying and selling process, and will remain connected with you long after the close. We’ve invested decades in Kansas and Missouri, and as the market leader, know our communities better than anyone.

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We’ll support you during and after the close with our full family of services, including insurance, lending, warranty and title, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters. Our service partners work hand-in-hand with your ReeceNichols agent to provide a personalized, rewarding and stress-free experience.

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