The temperatures and color of the leaves are changing - that can lead to big opportunities for home buyers and sellers.

We start to see a shift towards less competition amongst buyers. The buyers that are settled in for the school year are no longer looking. There will be less competition when you go to make an offer.

On the flip side, there are sellers that want to sell before the end of the year, maybe even before the holiday season. They will be motivated to review all offers with hopes of coming to an agreement.

ReeceNichols wants to help you make the most of the current market with top-notch tools and service.


  • Discover Your Home's Value
  • MyNeighborhood Report
  • Reverse Prospecting

    Reverse Prospecting

    Allows your agent to cross reference Home Match users for customers looking for a home like yours.

    Benefit: ReeceNichols agent are able to quickly and easily network with agents who have a potential buyer match for your listing.

  • Listing Alert

    Listing Alert

    When using HomeMatch, you will receive email notification of ReeceNichols listings coming soon before they are on the market.

    Benefit: ReeceNichols clients are the first to know of new listings giving you the first chance to preview before the rest of the metro.

Make the most of this opportunity – the path to your new home is wide open.

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