Market Update January 2017

Where's the Neighborhood? My KC Part 2


A few weeks ago we discussed the Brookside neighborhood in Kansas City. Just as a reminder, since I got married 31 years ago, my wife and I lived in two different houses in south Leawood. It was a great place to raise kids, with fantastic schools, access to baseball and soccer fields, and a great quality of life. I highly recommend it.

That being said, as our kids grew up and moved out of the nest, we decided that maybe we didn’t want to be out south anymore. We knew if we could find the right house, we would move. So indeed, we found a great old home in historic Leawood, one of the first four houses in the City and as far north as you can get. My daughter reminds me while we aren’t in the “city,” it sure feels a lot closer. As my wife and I continue to re-explore parts of Kansas City, I had another opportunity to celebrate a birthday.

We had heard about a Champagne bar that had opened this year in Westport, called Ça Va. So my wife, daughter, and niece headed there to check their beverages out. It was an appropriate time to celebrate with a bottle of champagne! The building has a great historic vibe to it, with an old tin ceiling and woodwork. Sorry, architects and builders, but I have yet to see someone recreate the details that come with an old building.

Next we went to Harry’s to revisit a place we hadn’t been in a long time. Tons of character and characters! We had a great table with a view onto the busy streets on an early Saturday night in Westport. It was great fun. Finally, for dinner, we went to Port Fonda. This restaurant started out as a food truck, and they were so successful, they were able to open a full-service restaurant. I had amazing food, in a great atmosphere, with (of course) excellent company. One of my friends on Facebook said “I’m sure this is a different Westport experience than Dan had 30 years ago,” and no doubt she was right!

Don’t get me wrong – I love Johnson County. My commercial real estate business has been mostly in JoCo over the years, but as a CRE broker, it’s so exciting for me to see the changes going on in Kansas City. I think the best is yet to come.

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