6 Tips for Renting the Perfect Home in Kansas City

6 Tips for Renting the Perfect Home in Kansas City


Thinking about renting a home in the Kansas City area? Renting a home is a great option when you’re not quite ready to buy a house, but need more space (and yard!) than an apartment can offer.

Here are a few tips for helping you find the right home lease in Kansas City.

First, choose the right neighborhood.

Kansas City is a town rich with many different neighborhoods, on both the Kansas and Missouri side of the state line—all with their own unique personalities and flavors. Whether you want a quiet suburban home near green space (like Lee’s Summit, Grain Valley, or Olathe), or a funky older-brick townhome near eclectic eateries (like Brookside and Waldo), or a busy downtown loft with plenty of nightlife (like downtown Kansas City or Westport)—the options are endless. (And if you’re new to the area, ask a home lease agent to give you a tour.)

Start your search online.

Once you’ve identified the right neighborhood, check out homes in that area online. There are hundreds of homes available for rent right now in the Kansas City metro area—in both Kansas and Missouri. Start by looking at our up-to-the-minute list of lease homes available.

Visit the homes in person.

But don’t just look at the online pictures. Schedule an “in-person” visit of your favorite 2-3 homes before making a decision. If you’re busy, a home leasing agent can also help you coordinate this.

Before you sign, make sure all of your lease expenses will fit in your budget.

Remember, you’re not just paying a monthly lease—you’ll also be paying for monthly utilities, a security deposit, and renter’s insurance (to cover your belongings). In some cases, you may also be paying the homeowner’s association fee, depending on the neighborhood.

Understand the terms of the lease.

Before signing any lease, make sure you understand the terms of the lease, the monthly fee, the security deposit, and pet policies. Also be sure to understand who is responsible for handling any home repairs and yard maintenance (like mowing the grass and shoveling the driveway), as well as what happens if you need to break the lease early.

Get help from a professional home leasing agent.

A home leasing agent can educate you on the different neighborhoods available here in Kansas City, and help schedule your home tours—especially if you’re relocating here from out of town. They can also reassure you that the leasing agreement is “legit,” and that you are getting the best terms possible.

Looking for the perfect rental home in Kansas City? Talk to aReeceNichols home leasing agent today, or visit our list of homes for lease.