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Welcome October 2016 New Agents


Welcome New Agents

Amy Carlson, Leawood                   Jessica Christoper, Town & Counrty Realty-Ottawa
Mark Tietjens, IDE Capital Realty   Sara Bash Reda, The Village
Stephanie Harris, Olathe   Tracy Tietjens, IDE Capital Realty
Adriene Marks, Overland Park   Alec Drown, Cedar Tree Square
Amanda Hegg, Leawood   Amber Fendley, West
Angel Cornejo, Olathe   Angela Hart, Lee’s Summit
Benson PlaceTeam, Kansas City North   Beth Brame, The Village
Bonnie Scharnhorst, Premier Realty   Brent Rodina, College Blvd
Carol Waller, Blue Springs   Carolyn Paden, IDE Capital Realty/em>
Cindy Brock, Roberts   Cindy Murphy, Blue Springs
Denese Rhodes, Cornerstone Realty   Derek Randall, Lee’s Summit
Gary Finnell, Leawood   Jacob Scalf, Lee’s Summit
Tyler Farnsworth, Realtors Smithville   James Johnson, Liberty
Jean Orpin, Overland Park   Jennifer Welch , Cedar tree Square
Karen Griesbach, Blue Springs   Ken Schmidt, South
Krista Ware , College Blvd   Malaina Paige, Williams Associates
Melanie Johnson, Overland Park   Michael Nelson, Leawood
Michele Greer, Leawood   Michelle Gracia, Cedar Tree Square
Mickey Brandes, Cedar Tree Square   Nikki Hibdon, Granada
Racquel Jackson, Lee’s Summit   Ric Hulsey, West
Shedreese Colding-Scott, South   Sherri Johnson, Cedar Tree Square
Stan Bench, Lake of the Ozarks   Summer Blough, Country Club Plaza
Tara Holt, Liberty   Theresa Qualls, East