Have You Changed Your Furnace Filter this Year?

Welcome October 2015 New Agents!


Welcome New Agents

Crystal Arnold, Blue Springs                   Emillie Bervert, Topeka Elite
Karen Bunt, Ide Capital Realty   Loretta Chudy, Overland Park
Michele Davis, Granada   Chris Dowell, Olathe
Teri Ediger, Preferred Realty   Joanna Eibes, West
Cam Eslinger, Leawood   Shari Faulkner, East
Steve Froehlich, Lee’s Summit   Tami Froehlich, Lee’s Summit
B’Yonca Garrett, Kansas City North   Ted Hayes, Smith Realty
Harrel Johnson, East   Ryan King, Ide Capital Realty
Jodi Kaplan, Leawood   Danelle Lalumia, East
Sheila McDowell, Olathe   Scott Morse, South
Lilly Olyaei, Overland Park   Amy Parker, Overland Park
Adam Pettijohn, The Village   Pam Raza, Smith Realty
Terrie Rhodes, South   Ernie Rodina, College Blvd
Denise Shields, Olathe   Elizabeth Shrout, Lee’s Summit
Bob Speake, Overland Park   Beth Trosper, West
Matt Turner, East   Curt Wagner, Overland Park
John Walden, Leawood   Danny Watts, College Blvd
Heather White, Liberty   Margaret Wichman, College Blvd
Tracy Wicker, South   Becky Yarborough, Lee’s Summit