Have You Changed Your Furnace Filter this Year?

Welcome May 2015 New Agents!


Welcome New Agents

Noelle Beck, Town Center                   Terry Beem, Golden Key Realty
Venisa Bennick, At The Lake   Rochelle Boyle, Olathe
Francie Campbell, Preferred Realty   Tia Copeland, South
Harold Cornine, Kansas City North   Renee Corwin, Country Club Plaza
Grace Curtright, East   Aimee De Sett, Leawood
Dana DeFoe, Blue Springs   Haley Glover, Overland Park
Claire Goppert, Lee’s Summit   Janine Gravley, Olathe
Stacie Green, South   Gina Greenlee, Olathe
Terry Hobbs, Topeka Elite   Carrie Ann Hough, Town & Country Realty
Jeff Huggins, Olathe   Tommy Joyner, East
Jeannette Kempster Hedberg, Lee’s Summit   Kathi Kennedy, Blue Springs
Debbie Kimball, Southgate   Brycen LaMar, Leawood
Juliana Litteken, East   Alex Meitl, Town Center
Patsy Miller, South   Ijeoma Okafor, Overland Park
Mary Ann Pearson, Town & Country Realty   Hayley Richardson, Leawood
Elbs Sherry, Cedar Tree Square   Brent Sledd, College Blvd
Brian Stigge, Country Club Plaza   Donald Tasker, South
Roger Templin, Town Center   John Van De Steeg, Olathe
Rachelle Van Gotten, Overland Park   Nancy Weeks, The Village
Tina Welch, Country Club Plaza   Rex Worboys, Lee’s Summit