Market Update January 2017

Welcome January 2016 New Agents!


Welcome New Agents

Chris Ackerson, Town Center                   LDB Bernabe, Southgate
Jessica Bingham, Lee’s Summit   Michelle Bryant, South
Bryson Burroughs, Leawood   Kelsey Calvert, Blue Springs
Mark Fasnacht, West   Madi Gibbs, Southgate
Debbie Greenside, Ide Capital Realty   Rob Greenside, Ide Capital Realty
Travis Hackney, Overland Park   Travis Hagewood, Blue Springs
Carolyn Hayes, Smith Realty   Erica Heath, Country Club Plaza
Gabe Horne, East   Dan Johnson, Ide Capital Realty
Jeremy Johnston, Blue Springs   Ryan Jordan, At the Lake
Kyra Korn, Smith Realty   Brian Lunceford, East
Amanda Mays-Watson, Ide Capital Realty   Chris McNeill, Town Center
Jim Mytinger, Southgate   John David Nichols, Country Club Plaza
Amanda Oropeza, Country Club Plaza   Nadine Parmenter, Ide Capital Realty
Jackie Payne, Country Club Plaza   Bob Pope, Realtors, Smithville
Robin Rickerson, Ide Capital Realty   Linda Robertson, Cedar Tree Square
Carmen Sabates, Country Club Plaza   William Scott, Town Center
Cynthia Sitomer, The Village   Scott Stubler, Parkville
Catherine Ward, East   Dave Wendt, Kansas City North
Christy Williams, Kansas City North   Angela Witt, Lee’s Summit
Whitney O'Reilly, Parkville