15 Questions to Ask—Before You Rent a Home

15 Questions to Ask—Before You Rent a Home


If you’re planning to rent a home, make sure you get a signed lease from the landlord—to protect you (and him).  However, before signing any lease—get all the answers to these questions.

  1. What is my monthly rent payment?
  2. Does this monthly payment include utilities?
  3. If not, then which utilities do I need to pay for?  How much are they per month (usually)?
  4. Am I responsible for paying any HOA (homeowner’s association) fees?
  5. How much is my security deposit?
  6. What will happen to this security deposit—at the end of my lease?
  7. How many months is the lease?
  8. What happens if I want to stay longer?
  9. What happens if I need to move out earlier—and break the lease? Will there be any penalties?
  10. What are your pet policies?
  11. Who will pay for repairs to the house or appliances?
  12. Who do I call if I need emergency repairs?
  13. Who will mow the grass and maintain the yard?
  14. Do you have any “quiet hours”?
  15. Are there any other rules I should know about?

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