10 Things to do SNOWED IN!

10 Things to do SNOWED IN!


Mother and daughter baking cookies

Many people are “snowed in” due to the blizzard Kansas City just encountered. Looking for something to do? Here are 10 things to do while being snowed in!

  1. Play Board Games.We all have favorite games lying around somewhere. Today is the perfect day to spend some quality time together with some friendly competition. Can’t find any board games grab a deck of cards.
  2. Read a Book.If you are anything like me and rarely pick up a book, now is the perfect time! When you have nothing to do, reading a book can take up a few hours (depending on the length of the book of course).
  3. Bake Cookies. Baking cookies or any other sort of treat is something that is fun to do and yummy to eat! Not only will it be a fun activity when you are stuck inside, but the oven will also help heat your home!
  4. Work Out. If you have been keeping up with our blogs recently, we just posted one on how to work out “with your home.” If you cannot make it to the gym because you are snowed in, you can do various work outs in your home such as lunges, running in place, pushups, sit up, and much more!
  5. Build a Snow Man.The snow that just came in is perfect packing snow for building a snow man and go sledding. Be sure to bundle up because it is very cold out there; be sure to limit your time spent outside so that you don’t get sick!
  6. Sleep In.The blizzard might be a blessing in disguise…if you have the day off because of the weather, take time to yourself and sleep in to catch up on some much needed sleep!
  7. Watch a Movie.Movie Marathon! This is when you take advantage of Netflix if you have it! Stay in and cuddle on the couch watching movies all day or catch up on some shows you might have recorded.
  8. Sit by the Fire. If you have a fire place, sit by the fire and relax with a cup of coffee, tea, or even a glass of wine. Relaxing by the fire is the best way to stay cozy and warm.
  9. Clean.Do some “spring cleaning” in the winter! If you are going to be cooped up in the house all day, you might as well do some deep cleaning if you have nowhere to go!
  10. Shovel.Last but not least, you can always shovel! Some of us enjoy shoveling, but many probably do not. However, it has to be done in order to eventually get moving from the house!